Evan Davis

evan-davis-charcoalFor over 15 years I have been designing and promoting websites. This includes ecommerce, social media, local business and personal websites. You will notice a strong HTML & CSS oriented design allowing for any other designer to pick up where I left off.

New Site!

I finished moving to a CMS and I think I’ve gotten all the links working. The template isn’t exactly what I wanted so don’t be surprised if I try out a few styles to see what I like.

Print Media

This would include Flyers, Sales Slicks, Advertizing and other printed media. These were made using InDesign, Publisher, Fireworks, Photoshop and even Word.

Web Design

All the sites I’ve made from scratch.

Graphic Design

I have produced thousands of product images for a wide range of industries. They were created for print as well as web use. Most of these are still being used today.


See the Evan Davis Resume. Marvel at it’s…um…clarity? Or, visit me on LinkedIn.

More Evan Davis?

Do you really need to know more about Evan Davis? Some say yes and I want to know who those weird people are.