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Ultimate 3.5 Mystic Theurge

Mystic TheurgeWe started a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game at work and I love playing Wizards. The game was with a bunch of people new to the game so, of course no one wants to play a Cleric. I decided I would play a Wizard/Cleric, but Mystic Theurge has been described as weak because you are 3 levels behind in both classes. The game is once a month so I had time for research and I found that Mystic Theurge’s don’t have to suck so much.


My DM did standard stat rolling with us re-rolling the lowest roll (mulligans available). After a mulligan I ended up with: 12 11 18 16 10 8 and re-rolling the 8 gave me a 16 (my dice love me). So starting: S10 D16 C12 I18 W16 C11


I picked human for the extra feat & skill points. To finagle me into an early Mystic Theurge I need feats and I grabbed two more with flaws: 1. Inattentive (-4 to Spot & Listen); 2. Unreactive (-6 to Initiative). We have rogues and I’m not going to be on the front lines, so going first and seeing stuff aren’t that important to me.


I started with a Domain Wizard (Unearthed Arcana p57). Specialist Wizards give up two domains to cast an extra spell/day from their chosen school of magic. Domain Wizards don’t give any schools up, but their extra spell list is like a Cleric Domain (1 per level).


Now that I have my class I need to plan for the future. So with 1 for being human, 1 for first level, and 2 for flaws here are the feats I picked first level:

  • Precocious Apprentice (Complete Arcane p181) – Gives me a single 2nd level spell at level one. And a +2 to Spellcraft which is nice.
  • Still Spell (PHB) – Metamagic feat that requires a spell to be one slot higher to use.
  • Deferred
  • Deferred

I deferred two feats because the two I want I can’t take at Level 1.


Laborious TrainingAt Level 2 I took Cloistered Cleric (Unearthed Arcana p50). It gives me a bonus Domain, Bardic Knowledge, and more skills. I picked  a God that allows for the Healing Domain (good heals and stuff) and the Plant Domain (a second turning pool). At this level I could take those two extra feats:

  • Alternative Source Spell (Dragon Magazine #325 p61) – Allows me to change the source of a spell from Arcane to Divine and vice versa.
  • Laborious Training (Legacy of the Blood p91) – Increases the maximum ranks in all Knowledge skills by 2.

By now you can see where this is leading:

Mystic Theurge

At Level 3 I take Mystic Theurge. Here are the requirements:

  • Knowledge Arcana & Religion 6 ranks – Laborious training allows me to exceed the limit of 5 at second level, meeting this requirement in time.
  • Able to cast 2nd-level divine spells and 2nd-level arcane spells – This one is a bit complex, so work with me here:
    • Precocious Apprentice allows me to cast a second level arcane spell.
    • Still Spell allows me to elevate other first level arcane spells to second level.
    • Alternative Source Spell allows me to make those spells divine spells.
    • So second level arcane and divine spells achieved.

So there it is, third level Mystic Theurge. This takes away the regular drawback of being behind 3 levels and places you on par with Sorcerors & Favored Souls. But I’m not done yet.

Fochlucian Lyrist

Remember in First Edition you could play a Cleric/Fighter/Mage? I wanna do that again and a Fochlucan Lyrist (Complete Adventurer p47) is that class. Fighter BAB, Arcane/Divine Spell Advancement, and Bardic Abilities to boot. Here are the requirements and how I meet them:

  • Skills: 3 class (21), 2 cross class (28) skills at rank 7 and 13 ranks of Perform (26) – This one is complex:
    • I’m smart so I got 28 points first level, 10 second level (Cloistered Cleric), and 7 each level after that. So I need 75 points (21 + 28 + 26 = 75) and I’ll get there at Level 8 (28 + 11 + 7 + 7 + 7  + 7 + 7 + 7 = 81).
    • I was able to procure a Headband of Intellect +2 for which I received 3 more skill points for levels 3 – 5.
    • Get extra ranks through Item Familiar. Invested 21 points (7 + 7 + 7 = 21) and received 7 bonus ranks which discount my cross class skills at a 2/1 rate. So 61 (75 – 14 = 61) points brings me back to meeting requirements at Level 5 (28 + 11 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 3 = 63). Also the Item Familiar says the bonus can be applied to a skill that already has maximum ranks allowing me to get to the 13 in Perform required for the class.
  • Bardic Knowledge – This is met by Cloistered Cleric.
  • Evasion – I was able to obtain a Ring of Evasion through a debacle involving a Beholder.
  • Language Druidic – Cloistered Cleric gets Speak Language as a class skill.

So at Level 6 I entered Fochluchan Lyrist. Was that enough?


Let’s get back to Still Spell, Turn Undead and the Plant Domain. I put my Level 4 attribute bonus into Charisma and now have two turning pools for 8 turning attempts per day. I currently can’t wear armor because it interferes with somatic components. At 6th level I take the Divine Metamagic feat (Complete Divine p80), apply it to  Still Spell, and I can cast 8 spells/day while wearing armor with no spell failure checks.

Arcane Heirophant

Fochluchan Lyrist is only 10 levels so I run out at level 16 and after taking one more level of Mystic Theurge (Level 4 gives +1 BAB) I went for Arcane Heirophant. To meet this one I needed 1 more requirement: Trackless Step. At level 9 I gained the Craft Wondrous Item feat and then modified my Boots of Striding & Springing (a fantastic item) by adding an enchantment that granted the Trackless Step feat for an added $10,000 ($5,000 for the feat & x2 for the body location).

Ultimate Mystic Theurge

This all adds up to a Bard/Cleric/Fighter/Mage combination. At level 20 you have 9th level arcane, 9th level divine, and +15 BAB. So I get to be a wizard as well as the healer plus I can surprise people from time to time with other skills (let me charm you with a tune).

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