What is Net Neutrality?

Put simply it is “all data is equal.” As per usual it’s more complicated than that and I hope to make it more clear. Not all data is equal? No. Provisions need to be made for malicious data or data that is meant to harm servers, computers or other components of the Internet. This data…

Who owns the Internet?

The Structure of the Internet

I already talked about how the Internet works, but it might surprise you to know who actually owns the Internet. You can own the Internet? Yes, and it stems back to telegraphs. I wanted to do a whole history here, but it’s really complex and detracts from what I’m trying to cover. I’ll say this:…

How The Internet Works

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Net Neutrality and why it is or is not a good thing. The confusion comes from all sides: liberals, conservatives, the media and even Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This article will hopefully sort the Internet out for you. So how do we get the Internet sorted? Well,…


I wanted to create a blog with all my SEO stuff on it so I registered theevandavis.com. I ended up adding my personal stuff to it as well. Update: In the interest of better SEO, I merged the site with my main site. You can find the blog now at evandavis.org/blog/


Why not register my full name? I think I’ll make evanddavis.com a microsite. I’ve never been fond of my middle name. Not sure if I’ll keep this one. Update: This site has been discontinued. I decided not to renew it.


The one and only. This is a trick I learned from one of my clients. Add a 1 at the beginning and I get 1evandavis.com. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but there it is. Update: This site has been discontinued. I decided not to renew it.


I was feeling patriotic and registered evandavis.us. Not sure what I’ll do with it. Maybe I’ll put up a flag or something USA related. Update: This page has been discontinued. I decided not to renew this one.


Years ago I messed around with the free Top Level Domain “.tk” which is from the island nation of Tokelau.  You can register a free domain if you maintain a certain amount of traffic. I did not, so I abandoned it. You can register a .tk domain if you like.


I created evandavis.info to return data about various things and to test some scripts. At one time it would tell you: Your IP The page you came from. Your Browser Your computer’s operating system. The terror level. The weather. Many other things I cannot remember. Update: The site has been discontinued. I’ve decided not to…


I decided to register evandavis.biz. Partially to own a .biz domain and partially to better promote evandavis.org. It had a really cool javascript that produced a clock next to your cursor. I wonder if I could get it to work again. Update: The site has been discontinued. I decided not to renew it.