Shoe Repair Measures

Shoe Repair Measures in Inches, Iron and Milimeters.

Shoe Repair Measures in Inches, Iron and Milimeters.In the field of shoe repair there are many types of shoe repair measures used.

Ye Olde Cobbler used a measure called the “Iron” or “°” to measure the thickness (ie. 12°) of the materials he used to repair shoes.

Europe changed to the metric system and so their manufacturers started referring to their products with a Milimeter measurement (ie. 9mm).

In America, where people usually picked up how to do stuff and weren’t formally trained, stuck to fractions of inches (ie. ¼”) to measure thickness.

I made this chart as a scale to put on various repair publications. It makes a comparison between inches, iron and milimeters. The image above is not to scale. The actual size would be the same as the chart would imply: 1 inch.

To scale:

Shoe Repair Measures - to Scale (web)