Getting Traffic for Websites

So, building websites is presenting new problems. People want traffic to their websites and not from the usual sources, they actually want people on the internet to find their sites. This is proving difficult to track down.

After some searching (ha ha) I found a paper using results correlation to determine what affects where you show up on search engines, but that only told me what search engine worked best (Google, which I’ve been using for around a year).

After some more searching I found some articles that said Meta Tags were important. Web design sites always say to fill this out and now I see why. It seems the most important ones are:

  1. <title>
  2. <meta name=”description />
  3. <meta name=”keywords” />

I also see that being in the DMOZ directory is important. There is some talk about links being important too, so I will look into getting those. Leave a comment if you can think of others.