Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – Character Sheet

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Rulebook

I was preparing to run a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay  game and I realized I had no blank character sheets. I looked around online to see if I could find the one I preferred, but I could only find the one from the main rulebook.

I hunted a bit more to no avail. The character sheets I had were all used. I opened the main rulebook and the character sheet there was different from the one I remembered. I then hunted through all my old sheets and found one that hadn’t been copied a million times. It was the one I remembered and it was still just as cool as I remembered (see pics below).

Make Your Own

So I decided to scan the one I liked into my computer; I removed all the pencil writing; cleaned up the grainyness a bit; and made a pdf that everyone could use. So here it is:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – Character Sheet [pdf]

If you just want the images you can see them below:

Warhammer Character Sheet Page 1
Warhammer Character Sheet Page 2