Made With Notepad

I’ve been doing design for a while and I like to use Notepad. It allows me to see everything without any wysiwyg components messing things up. I’ve noted that on my web pages from time to time by using this image: Feel free to use it on your site.

Years ago I messed around with the free Top Level Domain “.tk” which is from the island nation of Tokelau.  You can register a free domain if you maintain a certain amount of traffic. I did not, so I abandoned it. You can register a .tk domain if you like.

I created to return data about various things and to test some scripts. At one time it would tell you: Your IP The page you came from. Your Browser Your computer’s operating system. The terror level. The weather. Many other things I cannot remember. Update: The site has been discontinued. I’ve decided not to…


Well, in case you haven’t noticed there is an icon for my site now and I found an actual ACII character to match. So I think I’ll start using it all over my site to represent me. Pretty cool huh? – Ð