Bridge to Nowhere – Summit, NJ

Bridge to Nowhere in Summit, NJ

I was reading up on bridges to nowhere and came across a reference to one in Summit, NJ. I did some hunting on a few maps and found it. It crosses over Highway 24 at 40.7290705°N, -74.3473538°W.

It looks like it was supposed to connect East and West bound highway 124 at the intersection of 124 West and Brantwood Terrace, Short Hills, NJ 07078. I can see a few reasons for it’s closure:

  • Brantwood looks like it goes into an affluent area, the residents probably asked that the overpass be closed.
  • The road dead ends on the Southwest side of the highway.
  • The main reason to use the overpass was for east bound traffic to cross into the Brantwood neighborhood or to switch to the westbound 124.
  • The next overpass is not to far east and has connecting roads on either side of the highway.

You can see it on Google Maps.

Update 09/29/2013 – Screencapture of map:

Summit, NJ Bridge to Nowhere