I give up!

Byron, Laurel, Brent and EliseThat’s it! I’m moving to Oregon. Even though the level of stupidity in Los Angeles is rising, as well as the political, social and environmental problems, I am leaving for completely different reasons. I have secured a better job in the Portland area and by following wise advice I have taken it.

I will now be paid more to live in an area that costs less. I will probably be able to purchase a house when the interest rates come down second quarter next year. We will be paying a third less rent to live in a brand new house in a upper middle class neighborhood. I doubt we will be leaving soon since the company I will be working for has given me an aggressive pay increase plan that spells out my raises for the next year.

Now all we have to do is survive the move which will cause us to incur over $4000 in up front costs. That includes $1500 for the truck and car trailer, $1000 for gas, $1300 deposit on the house, and all the deposits for new utilities. This is all beside the fact that my son is awaiting surgery on the 29th, our current apartment might keep our $1800 deposit because they don’t like us, and I start my new job on the 28th.

Yay for us.

2 thoughts on “I give up!

  1. Due to “freedom of expression” laws and the general “artistic” community.. did you know that Portland has more strippers than Vegas?

    Still want to move there?

  2. That’s not wholly true. There is a lot more women in that general field in Vegas. The industry as a result has stratified itself more. Some are Showgirls, Dancers, Call Girls, Lap Dancers, Pole Girls, Waitresses, Dealers, Bar Tenders, Personal Shoppers, Escorts, Characters as well as Strippers. Just because there aren’t enough of them in Portland to force them to Differentiate doesn’t mean that Las Vegas has any less.

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