Au Natural

The Natural Pizza?I saw a commercial for an all new Pizza from Pizza Hut. They said it is all natural which sounds nice, but then a thought occured to me. What the heck have they been serving us so far? A synthetic pizza? I understand the need to add a “green” item to the menu, but implying that the rest of their stuff is not made from natural ingredients is not the way to do it.

How will they advertize from here on? “Reintroducing Pizza Hut’s old line of pizzas. We use real spackle for the crust, seasoned and colored so you will think it’s actually bread. We use traditional Kechup in the unmarked bottle because everyone knows it’s not actual food anyway. Our toppings include talc shavings for cheese, bottle caps for pepperoni and little bits of politician hearts for the little black bits that make you think this ia a premium meal. Or you could try our Natural Pizza. It’s your choice.”

Happy eating.

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