Browser Wars Sing

It seems that the browser wars have been renewed. Firefox is gaining on IE and has captured about a fifth of the internet market. I’ve never been too impressed with Firefox, especially as a web designer. It often does not support CSS I make and it doesn’t seem to offer many advantages over other Internet Explorer let alone other browsers. I thought I should once again review the internet realm and find the best browser.

I tried opening Google in IE, FireFox, SeaMonkey, Opera, Safari & Chrome (also to see how many mb in ram they took up). I’ll go through them real quick:

  • IE – (40mb) It works like it always has and that’s fine by me.
  • Firefox – (24mb) Boasts fast browsing and low resource requirements, but I don’t see any differece. Actually it seems in some ways unfinished.
  • Safari – (96mb) Mac tries once again to port to PC. It doesn’t assimilate well. It looks like iTunes and doesn’t use desktop themes.
  • SeaMonkey – (14mb) Cute, but still just as incomplete as Firefox.
  • Chrome – (18mb) Too basic and unnatractive.
  • Opera – (21mb) Runs faster than IE and FireFox; takes up less resources (21mb) than all of these except Crhome and Sea Monkey; plus it has email, IRC and RSS functionality.

Opera BrowserAfter looking through all of the browsers and going through my daily sites. The one that runs the fastest, has the best features and looks the best browser is Opera. I was surprised until I remembered that it was older than the integrated IE browser. It is the oldest multi-platform browser on the internet that is still supported and upgraded. Opera has all the functionality of all the browsers plus email, newsgroups, IRC chat and RSS feed support. Even windows you click to popup don’t open in a new window (I love that). Support our diligent, long suffering underdogs at Opera Software. You will be glad you did.

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