Bergenost Cheese!

I was wandering through Cosco a couple of months ago and did something I rarely do. I accepted a sample. Normally I pass them up grumbling about the traffic problems they cause, but this time they had something that greatly appeals to me: cheese.

Delicious Bergenost CheeseThere was a local Dairy displaying their line of cheeses and I tried the five they were offering. Four of them were interesting, nothing I’d pay $10 a pound for. The last one however was, how do I put this, heavenly. It had a flavor somewhere between swiss and sharp cheddar. It was soft enough to melt in your mouth though it’s not spreadable. I was hooked.

Bergenost is a Norwegian three cream butter cheese brought to the US by Yancey’s Fancy. You won’t find much about it online and if you can find some of this cheese I highly recommend the purchase. I cut little pieces off my wedge from time to time and let them melt in my mouth. Mmm…Bergenost.