Pepperoni & Cola Conspiracy

I have been to a large number of parties over my lifetime most of them involving children in some way. A significant portion of these parties involved Pizza and an even larger portion involved soda. Now if we stick to the generic my personal preferences on both are sausage pizza and orange soda. That is, if we are picking the cheapest route of pizza and soda I want sausage and orange.

So what?

Sausage Pizza

Because these are not the assumed norm for both I am in the minority in tastes. The majority assuming to prefer pepperoni and cola. As a result I pay attention to what people order and I have some interesting results from my informal study.

Do tell.

I have found that the sausage and orange tend to run out first. I noticed this when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I have since taken note that I need to get to these early in the event if I want to have some.

Again, so what?

Orange SodaI’m getting to it. Geez, have some patience. Most party organizers tend to make sure the general tastes of the group are met. For example, at one office I worked at this translated to 3 pepperoni pizzas 1 sausage pizza(at my request), 1 combination pizza, 2 two liters of Coke, 1 two liter of orange (also at my request) and 1 two liter of root beer. Invariably the sausage pizza would go first, followed by a pepperoni and the combo. The orange soda would go first, followed by a cola and then the root beer. Once the alternative options had been exhausted the second pepperoni and cola would then go and we would be left with a pepperoni pizza and a two liter of cola.

Being patient.

Thank you, I appreciate it. This has been consistent not only at that office, but at every party I’ve been to with these refreshments. Based on my observations the average party should have 2 sausage, 2 combos and a pepperoni with 2 orange, 2 root beer and a cola to wash it all down, but people persist in their assumption that the public prefers pepperoni and cola. So what I want to know is why am I the only one who notices this? Am I really that nit-picky or has anyone else noticed the same problem? If you have, pass it on. We will all appreciate the improved menu at future parties. Thank you -the sausage and orange loving people.