Ever have a dry moment? Where inspiration and creativity fail you? My problem is that I feel inspired, but my creativity is in the shop. So the motivation is there to schedule the assembly hall create advertizements (flyers, radio, etc.) and get a whole bunch of folks together for an grand speech from me.

No dice

Evan DavisIf only I had magical polyhedral constructs that would give me the topic of choice and send you all off on a rant or into laughter. If they existed though, everyone would buy them and use them causing this great flood of interesting information coming from every direction. None of it could be ignored. We’d go crazy trying to turn every which way to receive it all.

Divine Providence

So writer’s block does serve a purpose. It creates long pauses for personal reflection, the option to actually get things done, or (for marketing blokes) the dribble that blasts forth from various marketing channels that we so happily ignore. Where would small talk be without mediocre content? Thank Limbaugh for second rate content providers.

Sonic Screwdrivers

So my ineptitude does serve a purpose. To not completely engage your mind while you read this so it can wander to more important things like…what’s that smell? Did I leave something on the stov…crap!

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