Facebook Sponsored Stories

The title is a little misleading. Facebook will not pay you for your stories as a Facebook user. But people will pay them for your posts and I think advertizing has changed yet again.

Paying for what, exactly?

I’ll start with the core of the idea: word of mouth. Let’s say you go on vacation to Aspen, possibly the Molly Gibson Lodge. You have a great time, you go to their website, click on the facebook logo to like it and write a post on facebook about it:

Had a great time in Aspen, CO at Molly Gibson. They let me bring a pet, the kids and we had a great time at my sister’s wedding.

And then you include a link to the lodge. That’s good advertizing, but no one saw it because you posted it at 7:30pm, the Ducks won at 7:45pm and all your friends are Duck Fans. So it got shoved down the Facebook Newsfeed along with a comment on the election and a video about kittens.

They are cute.

Focus…Molly Gibson would really like your friends (who also like skiing) to see the post you just made. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could do something to make them see it?

I guess.

And Facebook would guess the same thing because they now offer sponsored posts. The Lodge in Aspen can then pay Facebook to display comments made about their hotel. Your comment then shows up at the top right hand corner of your friend’s Facebook page and says “Sponsored Story.”

This post brought to you by?

That’s it in a nutshell. Word of mouth is a very effective way to advertize and if your friend said it, advertizers want you to see it and Facebook gets paid to put it there. Now we all need to go to Facebook and demand our 10¢ share.