Inorganic Food

One of the many things that annoy me is the use of the word organic. Organic chicken, organic beef, organic vegetables, organic fruit, what’s the distinction? I wrote a blog post about organic food to help you understand what “organic” might mean.

At the Rock Show

We were at the OMSI and there was a rock show going on. They had the coolest rock, based stuff including a display of rocks that looked like food (inorganic food!). Here are my pictures from the event:

Inorganic Food!

Inorganic Food 1
Notice the inorganic meat, inorganic potatoes and inorganic pie!

Inorganic Food 2
They also have inorganic condiments, inorganic vegetables & the inorganic fruits.

Inorganic Food 3
I like the inorganic bread to go with the inorganic butter.

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