Dentist Tree

While doing keyword reasearch I have come across odd key phrases that don’t seem to belong. Most often I discount them as the user searching for something unrelated. While working on a dentist’s site I came across “dentist tree” as a relevant keyphrase. It seems there are new ways people are searching and they are producing interesting trends.

So, what is a dentist tree?

Does it grow dentists? Is it the wood used for dental tools? Does it have teeth? Though this probably doesn’t need saying, dentist trees do not exist and the searcher was probably searching for dentistry.

Wow, that IS bad spelling.

I wondered about that. If you’ve heard of dentistry, you’re probably not searching for dentist tree. If you haven’t heard of dentistry you would probably search for dentist. Still the result returns an estimated 480 searches per month.

That’s pretty common.

Common enough that it had to be another medium and the answer was in my phone. I have an iPhone 4S which has Siri. If I said dentistry into it the result might be dentist tree because they sound the same which is why I had trouble finding Bob Loblaw.

Blah Blah Blah.

There must be other odd mistakes being made in search and it made me wonder what they are. I will probably write a blog about this later.

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