Ur-Priest Shenanigans


I like playing characters that don’t have limitations. Why rely on the rest of the party when you can do it all yourself? I’ve already talked about being the Ultimate Mystic Theurge, but I have other iterations I’ve played. This one is the Ur-Priest Mystic Theurge. Sure there are faster ways to get into Ur-Priest. They’re weak and I’d rather use this method:

Character Gen

I rolled up a character for a game not intending to go this route. I made a Domain Wizard (Unearthed Arcana p57) because once you know they exist, why would you play a regular Wizard? We played a few levels and my character came across some old manuscripts that talked about an ancient god that had lost his power. I wanted to bring him back and was considering becoming a cleric so I bought the Complete Divine. What do I find, but exactly what I’m looking for:


Level 9 spells in 10 levels? I’m all about that. And a custom spell progression? That would work with Mystic Theurge! Ok. Let’s meet those requirements:

  • Alignment: The God I was trying to bring back wasn’t evil so I went for the Adaptation version.
  • Base Save Bonuses:
    • Fort +3: +1 from Wizard & +2 from Rat Familiar
    • Will +3: 3 levels of Wizard covers this.
  • Laborious TrainingSkills: Level 3 Human Wizard with 18 INT = 42 skill points
    • Bluff 6: 6 ranks (12 skill points)
    • Knowledge (arcana) 5: Take 5 ranks (5)
    • Knowledge (the planes) 5: Take 5 ranks (5)
    • Knowledge (religion) 8: Take 6 ranks (6)
    • Spellcraft 8: Take 6 ranks (6)
  • Iron Will: Feat #1
  • Spell Focus (Transmutation): Feat #2 (It was a god of creation/change.)

Still short. Max Skill ranks is 6 for 3rd level so I took Laborious Training (Legacy of the Blood p91) for my Third level Feat to increase it to 8. So 38 skill points gets me there with one feat to spare and I’m into Ur-Priest at Level 4. I’m not done though:

Alternative Source SpellMystic Theurge

I’ve already got the Knowledge (religion) 6 and Knowledge (arcana) 6 takes one more rank, but I need to be able to cast 2nd level arcane AND 2nd level divine. Meet Alternative Source Spell (Dragon Magazine #325 p61). My arcane spells count as divine spells and vice versa. Now for 9 levels of Mystic Theurge.

9th Level Spells at Level 13

At 13th Level I’ve maxed out the Ur-Priest Spell Progression and can cast True Resurrection on the remains of my God. Since he lost his godly powers I was able to bring him back. He’d been gone for longer than 130 years, but according to my GM my faith was enough to restore Völundr to his body. Our next quest was to restore his divinity.

Beyond 13th

In the quest to restore Völundr I then took levels in the following:

  • Spellsword 1: Armor Baby!
  • Divine Oracle 2:  Extra Domain, Scrying Bonus, Evasion, and Trapfinding
  • Geometer 2: Spellglyphs and smaller spellbook
  • Wayfarer Guide 1: Teleport Capacity & Range

We never got to 20th, but Völundr was reborn! He’s been my go-to God since then.