I spent a campaign playing an Ur-Priest obsessed with bringing back Völundr. Here’s the info on the God I created for the game:


Völundr Holy Symbol

Also known as The Smith, Völundr is the creation god of the elves who formed the Earth on the great tree. He is attributed with creating the sun which is why it is called Álfrǫðull or “ray of the elves.” He lived in Álfheimr (elf home), also called Ljosalfheim (light elf home), until it was given to Freyr. He now wanders the great tree bringing light to the Elves, hoping to one day return to Álfheimr.


Völundr has fallen out of favor with the elves. Gods of prosperity, pleasure and art have taken his place. Only in the oldest of Elven cities can his shrines be found and even then they have gone into disrepair or repurposed. Some say that Völundr sought favor with other races and has found success among the humans as Pelor.

Clerics of Völundr often come from backgrounds of industry including blacksmiths, stonemasons and carpenters. These clerics dress in hardy, practical clothing related to the profession they come from. They take pride in the work they do and appreciate quality workmanship.

  • Domains: Creation, Good, Healing, Magic, Plants, Restoration, Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Favored Weapon: Hammer

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