Encom Startup Screen

I recently build a Small Form Factor PC and I wanted to customize it a bit. Because it wasn’t a pre-built machine I realized I could swap out the startup screen.

Startup Screen?

Yeah, the screen that loads after you hit the power button but before Windows actually loads. Many PCs like Dell & HP don’t allow you to swap this out without some complicated mess, but if you buy a motherboard  (at least from Gigabyte) their bios tool should allow you to change it. I found the tool on what looks like a really old page, but I downloaded it and followed the instructions. It’s called Face Wizard and it worked like a charm.

What’d you get?

I loved watching Tron as a kid and they had some visionary graphic design going on in that film. My home network is named based on that film and I chose the company logo to match. Now you too can have ENCOM on your startup screen:

Logo for ENCOM formatted to work with Gigabyte motherboard bios.