Soling Sheets

Soling SheetsI don’t always have all the items available when I need to make a picture of them. The products are sometimes so unweildly that I can’t take a proper image of them. This image has both issues.

I only had one sheet, the white one, and I needed to make an image for all four colors that we would be receiving by the time the publication was arriving at our customer’s doorsteps. I took the image of the white sheet, copied it 4 times, and changed the colors. Now we have all four in the picture.

The other issue is that the sheets were too big to take in with one image. If I did, it would have been at the wrong angle and you wouldn’t be able to make out the tread. So I took a closeup which I then squished, turned, cropped, copied and pasted to make the sheets you see. I then created the edges on the front to give the illusion of thickness.

You can buy wholesale soling sheets at Burten Distribution.