I like games. Nuff said, but if you insist upon knowing more here is a list of games:

Role Playing Games

I love Role Playing Games (RPGs). My repertoire includes Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars (WEG), Robotech, Shadowrun, Elfquest (MyEQPage), Cyberpunk, Phantasia, & Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. There’s something nice about books, dice, pencils, paper and a bunch of friends sitting around chatting.

I miss playing, but I have no time to. Hopefully once we settled down in a house I will get involved in a gaming group again.

Computer Games

I play Homeworld in all its incarnations, Sim City 4, Dungeon Keeper 2 (when it works), The Sims, Age of Mythology (I play with Byron) and of course Master of Orion II Attack at Antares. I have an NES emulator to play all my old school favs.

Board Games

There are 2 types of games I play: 1. The completely random type where anyone can win (Risk, Sorry, Candyland, etc.). These I play with my kids. 2. Strategy games (Chess, Stratego, Axis & Allies, Samurai Swords, etc.). These I play when I want to win. More recently I have added Zombie Dice, Dixit and Settlers (with the Knights & 6 Player Expansions) to my list.

Card Games

Yeah, I’ve been known to play these as well. I’ve got a decent collection of Magic the Gathering and I’ve been playing with Byron.

Console Games

I’ve never been a fan of consoles. Especially when it costs $200 for the system, $50 for each game and when they come out with a new system the old games don’t work on it. Lisa’s mother sprang for a WiiU and we’ve purchased several DSLites for the kids. I kinda like Wii Sports Resort.

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