Google Gadgets

I’ve decided to try my hand at making some Google Gadgets. I wanted to start with something simple like daily comics, so here they are.

Update 11/2/2013: Google has discontinued iGoogle, but the embedded content still works.

Update 11/21/2014: It seems Google has stopped supporting the script altogether. None of my gadgets work anymore. Sorry.

Working Google Gadgets

None, unfortunately.

Non-Working Google Gadgets

These gadgets are no longer working because the comic sites keep changing the file formats, have stopped creating comics altogether, or Google stopped supporting the script.

Garfield Daily Strip

There is no question that Garfield is the king of comics. Why not have him on your iGoogle page too. Sunday’s won’t fit because of the way Google displays the module.

Non-Sequitur Daily Strip

When The Far Side ended I searched for something to take its place. This will do. Sundays have the same problem as the previous module.

Sinfest Daily Strip

I love Tatsuya Ishida‘s witty humor and his many fantastic characters. Because of the limitations of the iGoogle’s module system I am unable to fit the whole comic in, but you can still scroll over to the right. Same Sunday problem.

The Devil’s Panties

This site is nothing like how it sounds. The devil is the one on her shoulder, the panties are what she wears under her clothes and the comic is about her life of drawing comics, trying to get laid and kilt blowing. It is charming nonetheless. Geebas. Update: It seems the gadget is working consistently and thus must be promoted to working gadget.

User Friendly Daily Strip

User Friendly’s comics have been impairing my productivity since 2001 when I was working for an ISP in Northern California. Now I am contributing to the impairment. Sundays might be a problem with this one too. Update: The artist is no longer updating the comic, but he’s allowed his fans to take old comics and put new words on them. So now you will either see a reworked comic or a random archived comic.