- ResponsiveIn 2003 a shady web designer sold the online websites for Parts Components. I was tasked with rebuilding their online sales.

I re-branded them as Shop Smart Supply, created new logos, marketing materials and, of course, a new website. I was able to reclaim about half of their $500k/month gross online business.

I used an OSCommerce back end and I created the front end, images and logos (see image below).

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Update - Mobile

In 2013 the client called me to let me know his site was down. I hadn’t worked on it in years and it turns out he had hired people to modify the site with multiple custom and proprietary modules. I could not fix it, but I could rebuild it.

It took me two days to build a responsive ecommerce site using Magento. I added 2300+ products to the site by taking an export from the OSCommerce database and converting it into something I could import into Magento. The only thing I couldn’t do was port the customer data over. The client was ok with this.
The image to the top right is the current site. Since it’s responsive it will adjust to the browser width. The mobile image is to the left.


Old Site - Old OSCommerce Site